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Study Abroad in Sweden, Abroad & Overseas Study in Sweden, Study Abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Sweden. Sweden is officially known as Kingdom of Sweden with around 9.9 million populations. It is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe sharing borders with Norway, Finland and Denmark. It is the part of the European Union’s Schengen area.

Sweden always ranks high in terms of world’s most highly developed country. The great welfare system, robust economy, less unemployment, lowest poverty rates and highest GDP per capita are noteworthy attractions that make Sweden different from other nations. Sweden offers so many benefits such as free healthcare, sick leave, childcare, education, and state subsidies in a variety of areas to make life inexpensive for everyone.

Stockholm is the most beautiful and most populous capital city in Sweden. It has everything from lifestyle to fashion, brands, historical monuments, bars, Swedish drinks & cuisine and happening nightlife. There are other large exciting cosmopolitan cities having their rich history and culture such as Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala and Lund where 80% Swedes live and enjoy high standard of life.

Sweden’s abundant beauty and wonderful nature is a holiday paradise for travel lovers. Sweden is famous for breathtaking natural landscapes, picturesque medieval towns, quaint canals, the cobbled streets, many green open spaces, gorgeous hills, mountains and chalk-white beaches stretching along the different seas.

Swedish higher education system is no lesser than the best in the world. It is home to one of the best universities in the world. Swedish education institutions are comprised of Public and Private Universities both offer so many degree courses in the English language in almost all fields of studies.

Sweden Government always keeps a tab on and evaluates country’s education system time to time in order to bring necessary changes to enhance competition and promote innovation. The Government and universities of Sweden provide a range of various scholarships to brilliant students on the basis of their financial situation, nationality and merit. The influx of students from all over the world reaches to Sweden to pursue their higher studies to reap real-world benefits. Swedish Universities focus on kindling a creative and independent the learning approach that nurtures innovative ideas from its students. List of education institutions:

Stockholm University
Uppsala University
Lund University
Malmö University
University of Gothenburg
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Chalmers University of Technology
Dalarna University
Halmstad University
Jönköping University
Karlstad University
Karolinska Institutet
Kristianstad University
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Linköping University
Linnaeus University
Luleå University of Technology
Mid Sweden University
Mälardalen University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Stockholm School of Economics
Södertörn University
Umeå University
University of Borås
University of Gävle
University of Skövde
University West
Örebro University

Tuition fees and Accommodation
Tuition fee for bachelor and master programs is quite reasonable and living expenses are affordable too for students. They can either opt to live in University dormitories or look for private accommodation for privacy according to their budget and lifestyle. Public transportation is very convenient and cheaper especially for students to go from one place to another place.

Work part-time unlimited hours
One major striking advantage to note is that International students are legally entitled to work part-time alongside their studies but there is no official restriction on how many hours you can work. This means international students can work as many hours as they want to accumulate extra pocket money provided they first give importance to their study program and make sure the study is not being affected.

Post-study Visa
International students after successfully completing their respective degree program can extend their resident permit for additional 6 months. They are given this chance to look for full-time job for themselves in Sweden in their respective study area and also they can start their own business in Sweden.

In a Nutshell
Sweden gives a lifetime opportunity to students to establish their career either in job or business in Sweden to achieve what they deserve depending on each one’s latent potential and talent.

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