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Study Sports Education Abroad Courses Consultants in Delhi, Study Physical Education Abroad Courses Consultants in Delhi. Sports plays a vital role to keep us fit as a fiddle throughout our whole life. The sports industry is one of the largest in the world and has become bedrock of the global economy. This fast paced growing industry offers ample opportunities to make your professional mark in the world.
There are a wide range of sports related courses offered by famous universities around the world. A sports management degree offers many benefits and opportunities. Sports management professionals handle the behind the scenes feature, such as finance, planning, coordinating, budgeting, marketing, leadership, facility management, and event management. There are even fitness and health focused jobs for people who want to work directly with the athletes. This gives you also a chance to see the corporate and business side of the sports world.
You feel content to work in a field you always love and follow in a daily life. You get a chance to travel in different countries through your work and passion for sports. Sports lover can choose to pursue sports course because sports field is not only challenging but also full of excitement, both on and off the field.
Fesgi will guide and assist you to fulfill your dream to study abroad which will ultimately lead you to become the reliable and successful professional in Sports Management field.

• MSc Sports Events Management
• Master of Science in Sports and Event Management
• MSc Sport Management
• MSc/MBA in Sports, Marketing & Management M2 April & October
• Master in Sport Business Management
• MSc in Sports Industry Management
• MSc Sport Management and the Business of Football
• Master of Science in Sport Management
• MSc Sport Management and Marketing
• Master of Science in Sport Studies & Athletic Administration
• MSc International Sport Management
• Master in Sport Policy, Business and Management (MSc)

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