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Study Abroad in Malta, Abroad & Overseas Study in Malta, Study Abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Malta. The Republic of Malta is a magnificent southern European island country located at the heart of the Mediterranean. It is bordered by Italy, Tunisia and Libya countries.
Malta has 'Maltese' as national and official language but English is also an official language which is widely spoken and used for day to day business in Malta.
Malta joined European Union in 2004, became its full member and thereafter adopted common currency Euro as a national currency. Malta is a member of a Schengen zone which gives its citizens the right to travel freely in rest of the other 26 European Union member states.
Malta is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe as well. Malta's economy is expected to grow robustly at a fast rate and will outshine significantly the Eurozone.
Malta is an amazingly dazzling country and it owes its freedom to the legendary Knights of Malta, the European blue bloods who were given the Maltese Islands by the King of Spain in 1530.
Malta boasts enchanting fairy-tale cities, a large number of fascinating museums, fortified medieval towns, Saint John's Co-Cathedral, the Museum of Archaeology, religious festivals, outdoor concerts and UNESCO-listed the seven megalithic temples. Malta Island has Ramla bay and golden bay wide and prettiest beaches to enjoy at the summer time with pals and families.
Adventure lovers have so many adventurous activities to enjoy such as mountain biking, rock climbing, scuba diving, paragliding and windsurfing.
Valletta is the capital city and a soul of Malta filled with picturesque scenery, chic hotels, restaurants, historical sites, cultural events and vibrant nightlife. It also holds a carnival for centuries and people clad in funny attire love to join and outsmart each other.
The Maltese are famous for their hospitality, accommodating nature and friendliness. Their kind gestures will never let you feel stranger or a tourist.

Higher Education
Malta's higher education system is very advanced and educational standards are exceptionally high. Malta's educational systems is said to be similar to the education system of British so it's easy to understand the quality of education offered by Malta Universities.
Maltese universities follow the bologna process and the European Higher Education area. The Universities in Malta provide tertiary education at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level. 
There are so many English taught degree courses available on almost every area of studies such as Science, Medicine, Engineering, aviation, technology, social sciences, business, finance and foreign languages etc.
Malta attracts international students from all over the world and foreign students from more than 90 countries have enrolled in Maltese universities. University of Malta is one of the highly reputed and oldest universities in the world.

Tuition fees
Maltese universities charge reasonable tuition fees for its different study programs which can be described as affordable and superbly worth for getting top class competitive education.

Living expenses and transport
Lifestyle of every student decides how much a student will spend every month on accommodation, food, leisure, parties and laundry. Students can easily save money if don't fritter away unnecessarily so spend wisely. Students get student's traveling card which is cheaper than normal travelling card and allows students to commute from one place to another

Maltese universities give different options to students to choose to stay in the proximity of the university campus. Students can also choose to stay in a private apartment which is expensive option but if student can afford then well and good. It depends upon the needs and budget of the student.

Work permit
International students outside the countries of European Union need to apply for an employment license if they intend to work in Malta. When student gets hired by a company then the employer will apply the employment license on behalf of job seeker.

List of Maltese Education Institutions
• University of Malta
• Middlesex University Malta
• Queen Marry University of London, Malta
• AUM American University of Malta
• Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology
• London School of Commerce Malta
• St. Martin's institute of Information Technology
• Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry Malta
• Global College Malta
• Pegaso International
• EEC-ITIS Malta Tourism and Languages Institute
• United Campus of Malta
• Camas Malta
• STC Higher Education
• Advenio eAcademy
• Learnkey Training Institute

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