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Study Abroad in Lithuania, Abroad & Overseas Study in Lithuania, Study Abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Lithuania. Lithuania is officially known as the Republic of Lithuania with an estimated population of 2.8 million people.
It is bordered by Poland, Latvia, Belarus countries. The official language is 'Lithuanian' and official currency is Euro.
Lithuania is a member state of the European Union and a part of Schengen area which allows its citizens to stay, travel, study and work in rest of the member states without taking a visa.
Lithuania ranks as a very high human development country. Lithuania has been among the most innovative and fastest growing economies in Europe with GDP growth rate greater than that of other European economies. 
The government is continuously embarking on the policies of fiscal consolidation and acceleration of structural reforms and all this leading to sustainable growth path.
Lithuania is indeed a fascinating country with pristine nature, spectacular Baltic coastline, beautiful sand dunes, modern architecture, baroque churches, and spectacular historic cities. Wayside chapels, splendid churches and UNESCO recognised 'forests of crosses' adorn the entire country.
There are sandy beaches full of loud music, funfairs, loads of entertainment and jam packed with beach lovers. It also offers endless possibilities for hiking, swimming, sailing and cycling during summer.
Vilnius is the largest and a capital city of Lithuania. It is an economic, cultural and business hub as well as proud city of the country. It offers historical monuments, churches, big hotels, hip fashion and trendy bars everywhere and Vilnius' nightlife is superb to unwind oneself. Vilnius Old Town is inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Vacationers and tourists visit this beautiful country in large numbers every year to make lifetime memories.

Higher Education
Higher education system of Lithuania is very modern and having renowned and oldest universities of the world.
Higher studies in Lithuania are organised in three cycles: The first cycle is for bachelor's degrees (in universities or colleges), the second cycle is for master's degrees, and the third cycle is for doctoral studies or PhDs. 
Lithuania offers virtually 400 English-taught Bachelor, Master and PhD degree programmes at Lithuanian universities and this is a very big factor which attracts international students to study in Lithuania and numbers of foreign students are increasing every year in Lithuania.
There are foreign students from more than 90 countries of the world studying in Lithuania. 

Tuition fees
It is hard to believe that top tier education can easily be acquired with nominal tuition fees in Lithuania. The degrees are recognised all over the world .

There are various types of scholarships available to finance student's studies in Lithuania.
Each higher education institution has more or less its own scholarship funds. Even the funding is granted by the government of Lithuania after fulfilling their certain requirements.

Monthly expenses
Lithuania is known for its lower living costs than many other different European countries. It is normal that a student has to spend generally 430-500 euros per month which includes accommodation, food, laundry, travel, leisure expenses.

Student Entry Visa
International students must apply for national visa (D) for the first time entry to Lithuania to study one year or more than one year study program and this visa can be single or multiple entry visa. Once the student arrives in Lithuania and then normally universities arrange appointment at local visa office to make a resident permit for their student which is valid for duration of study program.

6 months work and resident permit after Studies
International students coming from non-European Union member states get six-month temporary residence permit after successfully completing their degree programs in order to stay in the country and seek full time employment. After gaining full time employment then students can live longer as per their job contract with employer.

Part time work
International students are legally allowed to do part time job for up to 20 hours per week to add some extra pocket money either to save or to meet their extra monthly expenditure.

List of all Lithuanian Universities including top ranked universities
• Vilnius University
• Kaunas University of Technology
• Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
• Vytautas Magnus University
• Klaipeda University
• Siauliai University
• Mykolas Romeris University
• Aleksandras Stulginskis University
• ALYTAUS KOLEGIJA University of Applied Sciences
• European Humanities University
• European Humanities University
• Graiciunas School of Management
• International School of Law and Business
• ISM University of Management and Economics
• Kauno Kolegija University of Applied Sciences
• Kazimieras Simonavicius University
• Klaipeda Business Higher School
• Klaipeda State College
• Kolping College
• LCC International University
• Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences
• Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
• Lithuanian Sports University
• Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences
• Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
• Marijampole College
• Northern Lithuania College
• Siauliai State College
• St. Ignatius of Loyola College
• University of Applied Social Sciences
• Utena College
• Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences
• Vilniaus kooperacijos kolegija
• Vilnius Academy of Arts
• Vilnius Business College
• Vilnius College of Design
• Vytautas Magnus University

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