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Study Abroad in Latvia, Abroad & Overseas Study in Latvia, Study Abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Latvia. Latvia is a small, beautiful and a very special country because of its unique location in Baltic region of northern Europe.
Latvia is one of Baltic States having slightly less than 2 million inhabitants. It has connected borders with Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia and Russia countries and maritime border with Sweden.
Latvia is a full time member of European Union block which has other 26 member states as well. It is also a part of the Schengen zone which gives a right to people of Latvia to roam, live, study and work in any part of the other member states and people of other 26 countries can also enjoy the same rights in Latvia.
Since January 1, 2014, Latvia has given up its own previous currency 'Latvian Lats' and using EURO as national currency after becoming a member of Eurozone.
Latvia is a member of so many international organisations such as United Nations (UN), NATO, International monetary fund (IMF), World Trade Organization (WTO), OECD, OSCE etc.
The Latvian economy has showed much stronger performance and continues to grow robustly at the fastest rate. Thanks to implementation of structural reforms, an improved external environment, rising wages, a fast inflow of investment in the construction sector. Latvian exporters have been gaining market share and the fiscal position is solid in Latvia.
Latvia is a gorgeous country and offers great views and plenty of outdoor activities.
Latvia has fascinating tradition, impressive countryside, stunning waterfalls, and amazing medieval villages and castles.
It has breathtaking cliffs, caves and other rock formations to enjoy adventurous activites such as bungee jumping, bobsleighing and other adventurous activities. Liepaja, Vecliepaja, Dienvidrietumi and Karosta are most visited and popular beaches hold major annual beach music festival in July.
Riga is the capital city and the most popular place to visit in Latvia. It offers Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum, buzzing cafes, bars, delectable food, thumping clubs, fantastic nightlife and a chance to soak up diverse artistic and musical events.

Latvia's education
Latvia's higher education system is very advanced and follows the Bologna system prevalent in all European Union member states. Latvian government has done internationalization of its higher education to keep in mind the growing international competitiveness.
Latvian higher education system is divided into three levels: bachelor's studies, master's studies, and doctoral studies. Students can obtain bachelor degree after three or four years of study and master's degree can be attained on successful completion of a second phase of degree, lasting one or two years.
Latvia offers variety of courses in almost all education disciplines such as medicine, engineering, architecture, aviation, science, social science, humanity and art etc. There are almost more than 200 international study programmes (Bachelors, Masters and PhDs) taught entirely in English to attract more international students to study abroad in Latvia.
International students finds Latvia as popular study destination owing to availability of variety of courses taught in English medium and with a friction of tuition fees less than what they spend in their own country. This is the major feature that Latvia universities have added in their education system recently to attract more and more foreign students every year and the number are truly getting better and increasing every year.
Higher education is one of the main drivers of national economic development for Latvia. Universities roll out highly skilled engineers, doctors and managers and deliver cutting edge research for both public and private sectors.

Tuition fees
International students feel happy and satisfied to receive top notch education with very less and affordable tuition fees comparison to other countries in the world

Cheap living cost
International students can choose to stay in university dorms and monthly rent cost around 70- 120 euros. If students decide to stay alone and don't want to share toilet and bathroom with other students then rent cost around 100-200 euros. For private apartment outside university dorm cost around 250-300 euros. Students can opt different options as per their lifestyle.

Being student in Latvia gives you a lot of advantages when it comes to travel or commute from one place to other. International students get public transport tickets and pay 16 euros per month and can easily travel in buses, trams and trolley buses which is amazing.

There are different scholarships available for foreign students, researchers which is granted by Latvian state. Students are advised to check scholarship options at the time of deciding to study in particular university for their chosen course.

Part time job
International students studying more than one year degree program and holding a residence permit are allowed to work part time up to the 20 hours per week. Students can earn more than 250 euros per month.

List of all universities and colleges in Latvia
University of Latvia
Liepaja University
Riga Technical University
Latvia University of Agriculture
Riga Stradins University
University of Latvia
Daugavpils University
BA School of Business and Finances
Latvian Academy of Culture
Latvian Academy of sport education
Latvian Maritime Academy
Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music
National Defense Academy of Latva
The Art Academy of Latvia
Rezekne Academy of Technologies 
Ventspils University College
Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
Turiba University College
ISMA University College
Latvian Christian Academy
Riga Aeronautical Institute
Riga graduate school of law
RISEBA University College
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
The Baltic International Academy
The University college of Economics and Culture
Transport and Telecommunication Institute

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