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Study Abroad in Germany, Abroad & Overseas Study in Germany, Study Abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Germany. Germany is officially the best country in the world according to the inaugural "Best Countries" ranking from U.S. News & World Report, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and global brand consultants BAV Consulting. Germany secured its top spot for a number of reasons, like its reputation as a stable, safe and affluent nation, robust economy, low unemployment, popularity around the world, high-quality brands and amazing tourist destinations.

Germany’s passport is the most powerful passport in the world, which allows its holders to travel to many countries around the world without having to get a visa before departure.

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is the strongest economy in the European Union as well. Germany is one of the most in-demand tourist destinations in the world, as tourists from the world over flock to experience some 2000 years of history.Germany has a plethora of historic towns, Romanesque Churches, impressive Cathedral, amazing castles, an attractive blend of classic and modern architecture, medieval walls and royal palaces as well as bustling shopping centers and buzzing nightlife venues sprinkled all around the country. Not to forget, Cologne carnival and the famous Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich draw millions of visitors every year to take part in the revelry that involves several gigantic beer tents, delicious Bavarian food and millions of liters of beer.

The German higher education system is one of the best and excellent in the world. Germany is increasingly becoming hot spot for international students to study every possible subject at bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level .There are bountiful world’s best universities spread right across Germany, more and more courses are taught in English. The biggest advantage of studying in a public university is that both EU and Non EU students pay nothing or a very negligible amount to study because German Universities are tuition free since October, 2014. German University degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Heidelberg University, The Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, The Free University of Berlin, University of Bonn, University of Hamburg, University of Freiburg, University of Göttingen are the top global universities in Germany. With nearly ten universities in the Times Higher Education top 100 (and four in each of the QS and ARWU rankings) Germany is a strong choice for foreign students for higher studies.

Germany offers attractive residence permits which enable you to accept a job which befits your line and level of studies after successfully finishing your studies.

Germany is the best country for higher studies

The Federal Republic of Germany – Land of Ideas
Germany is clean, green, quite multicultural, a great power and a civilized stable society. Germany has robust economy enjoying number 1 position in Europe, within European Union and 4th largest economy in the world.Germany has 16 states, 82 million inhabitants. Germany’s capital and largest metropolis is Berlin.
Germany is a member of the European Union, United Nations, NATO, the G7, the G20 and the OECD. Germany has been continuously the home of influential and successful artists, philosophers, musicians, sportspeople, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and inventors.

Why Germany is the best for higher studies?
1. German passport
German passport is the most powerful passport of the world and always retaining number 1 or 2 position in an annual travel freedom ranking. German passport holders can travel upto 177 countries around the world without any hassle of getting visa. This clearly displays the reputation of the Germany as a powerful country in the world and its diplomatic relations with the rest of the world. How to get Number one German Passport

There are below ways to acquire German Passport
1. One has to live, work and pay taxes for 8 years which legally authorize the person to apply for getting German passport
2. One has to marry German Girl/boy and after happily living together for maximum 2 years person legally become eligible to apply for getting German passport.

2. German Education System
The German higher education system is comprised of well-nigh 400 institutions divided in Public and Private institutions. Germany abolished all tuition fees for national and international students that means Higher education in Germany is mainly funded by the state. Private institute charge tuition fees but reasonable compared to other countries.
All German public universities and most of the private universities are at the top of all international rankings, respected globally and known to excel in both infrastructure and curriculum.

3. Stay in Germany after completing higher studies
One of the biggest advantages of studying in Germany is that after successfully completing your study program whether it is Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. gives you legal right as per German labour law to stay and seek full time job for additional 18 months. You may even end up staying longer, if that is what you plan for in future because Germany has everything to live a safe, peaceful and great life.

4. German language increases the chances of employment
1. Knowledge of German improves your chances of employment with German and foreign companies in your own country and abroad.
2. In the European Union there are many interesting opportunities to work for professionals who speak German. As the EU continues to open up markets in Central and Eastern Europe, jobs open up for professionals who know German. Anyone who speaks German has much better prospects for a great career.
3. Knowing the language of your German business partners improves your relations and therefore your chances for effective communication and success.
4. German is the second most commonly used scientific language. Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development and offers research fellowships to scientists from abroad.
5. Developments in media, information and communication technology require multilingual communicators. A wide range of important websites are in German and worldwide, Germany is ranked number 5 in terms of annual publication of new books. Knowledge of German therefore offers you extended access to information.
6. Learning German provides you with an insight into the way of life, and the hopes and dreams of people in German speaking countries, broadening your horizon. German language brings closer to you the enjoyment of German literature, music, art and philosophy.

5. Unemployment rate is low
The unemployment rate is usually a great yardstick to measure a country’s economic strength and growth where a low unemployment rate is usually associated with a fast growing economy with plenty of new jobs being created. Germany is one of the most prosperous, stable, and dependable economies in the world today. Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates and continuously fastest growing economies in the world, with a current rate of unemployment of just 3.7 percent. Germany is unceasingly striving to lower its unemployment rate even further and increasing its economic growth with great pace.

6. Safe country to study
Germany is known for less crime rate and reckoned as one of the safest countries for international students to pursue higher education. Students living in Germany can travel or commute from one place to another at any time during the day or night without any apprehension in their mind and without taking any kind of necessary precautions in advance. German Police is known for prompt actions to any illegal activity or suspected incident. Police are quick, reliable and ready to help 24 hours at every place in every situation.

German police helpline number is 110
Medical Assistance and Fire brigade helpline number is 112
7. Earn while you learn
In Germany, an international student will be provided with an opportunity to work part time while pursuing university degree. Students can always look for a part-time job in Germany that will alleviate daily costs and allow you to enjoy during your study abroad time in Germany. An international student is allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. Students can earn 8.50 to12 euros as per hour wage which is fabulous to sustain oneself if strapped for cash or enjoy more if already loaded with money.

8. Bologna Reform
All universities in Germany comes under Bologna reform, which ensures all students after successfully finishing their study obtain a unified and internationally recognized degree such as bachelor’s, masters or PhD.
BA/BSc are made up of 6 semesters of study (1semester equivalent to 6 months)
MA/MSc are made up of 2 to 4 semesters (depending on the study program)
PhD is made up of 4 to 6 semesters (depending on the program)
This applies to most academic disciplines, except for medicine, law and pharmacy because the course lasts a few more semesters than a common bachelor’s degree.

9. Study program in English
English is an international and widely spoken language. In Germany, the use of English language is also very much prevalent. Majority of academic courses are taught in English language and catering to each individual need. Simultaneously, Students have an ideal opportunity to learn the German language which is very lucrative option in order to ensure a better foundation and be more competitive in job market.

10. Scholarship programmes
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the biggest scholarship oraganization of Germany and also one of the largest scholarship organizations in the world which offers myriad scholarship programmes. DAAD also has database which enlightens about diverse scholarship programs offered by other scholarship organizations as well.
DAAD gives an opportunity to international students to match their profile and needs in the DAAD scholarship database irrespective of country, age and religion in order to obtain suitable scholarship
Note: There are scholarships offered to exceptional students and the process can be tiring.

11. A lifetime chance to explore all aspects of life in Germany
a. Cycling is the backbone of German’s day to day life that’s why Germans are not just healthy but happy to live a long age life
b. Students can do famous outdoor activities in Germany in their spare time such as sports, hiking, cycling and skiing. They can also find lots of other activities to fill their spare time like hanging out in bars with pals, clubbing, theater and cinema which is amazing and part of student life in Germany.
c. Students can also visit parks, green spaces, enjoy food and beer festivals such as Munich beer festivals, big carnivals, Halloween day, Berlin international film festival, Berlin fashion show and so much more to enjoy.
d. Germans don’t believe in putting burden on others for their self-enjoy or entertainment. For example if you are invited for birthday party or going out to drink or eat food with your friends then you’ll have to pay your own bill. This makes all Germans self-reliant throughout their whole life to work hard to earn money.

12. Travel Europe on a student visa
Being student in a Germany not just make you feel like a home but it gives you a privilege to travel rest of the 27 European Union member states. This is something which adds great value to your life and makes you feel that you are truly global. Germany shares border with 9 European Union countries (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, and Austria) and you can easily travel to these countries in a bus with cheaper fare compare to airfare.

13. Accommodation
University dorms are the most inexpensive accommodation options for international students which vary in size and facilities. It is imperative to contact the ‘Studentenwerk’ quite early in order for them to get you accommodated otherwise it happens for students to remain in waiting lists for a whole year round. In this case students must be prepared in their minds to have a back-up plan.
There are so many private accommodation as well which is slight expensive than university dorms but are worthy to live in for own privacy.

14. Mandatory Health Insurance
It is mandatory to have health insurance the day you enter in Germany till you leave the country in order to reside in the country. You need to ensure that the Health Insurance policy you are purchasing has international access to the EU/ Schengen State health care in case of any emergencies. Most insurance companies offer such policy plan but you still need to be circumspect to avoid unnecessary problems.

15. Transport System or Deutsche Bahn (DB)
Germany has excellent public transport which is efficient, reliable, fast and safe, connecting every part of Germany in a convenient way. One of the most amazing things being a student in Germany is that you get a travel card or the semester ticket for public transport by paying enrollment or administrative fees which is student’s pocket friendly.
Students can commute within the city of their university or can go to other certain regions with the semester ticket (depends on the university). This is very cheap and money saving chance for students and should always use that.
DB consists of below different transport modes to connect Germany as a whole
1. U-BAHN (underground metro)
2. Tram ( running on the streets)
3. Bus (running on streets)
4. local, regional and national Trains ( running on railway platforms )
Other than DB
1. sharing personal car to travel on sharing basis

16. Shopping
Germany is known for world’s renowned fashion, perfumes and car brands. You can find every brand in the vicinity of your place. Everyday food shopping can be done from ALDI, REWE, LIDEL supermarkets which have quality food items with reasonable prices. You can buy different useful things from ‘One Euro shop’ and ‘Teddy’ which cost one euro for whatever you purchase which is great to save money for everybody.

17. Weather
The weather in Germany is always unpredictable
German winter: October – May
Except 3 months of summer, Rest of the 9 months will be colder and it is always a good idea to bring layers and protect yourself. In the winter, the days get noticeably shorter, cold, and gray, and it sometimes can snow.
German summer: June, July, August
Rainfall is to be expected from June to August but drizzling can start at any time throughout the year.
In summer, you can enjoy long around 15 hours sunny days, with temperatures often changing and at times summer could turn into little colder as well.
German autumn: September, October, November
German Spring: March, April, May

18. Good to know
Drinking in a public place is allowed provided that people don’t abuse this right and don’t fringe other people’s right. People are allowed to kiss and hug their beloved in a public place which is normal but should not go beyond kissing and hugging which is considered as an offence as per the German law.
Sex is legal in Germany provided if you go to brothels instead of found dealing outside on public place. Pascha is one of the largest brothels in Europe.

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