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Study Abroad in Finland, Abroad & Overseas Study in Finland, Study Abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Finland. Finland is one of the greatest countries of the world, a land of pure nature and clean air with around 5.5 million inhabitants. Finland is counted as the best tiny country, the best modern welfare state, the great country for education, the most stable and safest country, the best country to be a mother, the best high income country and has the best governance in the world. Finland is located in Northern Europe and shares border with Sweden, Norway, and Russia. It is a member state of European Union. Finnish and Sweden both are the official languages of the Finland.

It would not be wrong to name Finland as the most enigmatic country in the world. One of the striking features of Finland is light. The Northern lights appear like magic and lighten up the sky. The Sauna sounds unusual but it is an integral part of country’s heritage and culture. Finnish counts the sauna an important place to unwind with pals and family for physical and mental relaxation.

Helsinki is the most populous and the capital city of Finland. It is the film and television center of the nation. Finland’s other cities such as Tampere, Turku, Lappeenranta, Hanko are modern and highly developed with latest world-class facilities. Millions of tourists flock to Finland every year to explore the mysterious beauty of vast green forests, gorgeous landscapes, thousands of blue lakes, wildlife, Beautifully Baltic sea island, great sandy beaches, Old Rauma, with its’ colorful wooden houses, little boutiques and narrow cobblestone streets.

Finland has one of the best and most advanced educational systems in the world, holding itself literacy rate of 100% in the country. Finland’s top-tier education system is a model of inspiration for other systems in the world.

Finnish institutions have introduced huge numbers of study courses equally in English and Finnish language in all fields of education to allow international students to acquire same best education what Finland offers to its own citizens. Finnish higher education attracts international students from all over the world to enroll in plenty of degree courses. Finland universities prepare students to stand out and imbibe the feeling of being exceptional ‘don’t do what everybody does’.

Universities believe in improving potential and prospects of students to ensure they are poised to embrace every challenge not just to secure career but to live a perfect and happiest life afterward.

Top-ranked Universities
University of Helsinki
University of Jyväskylä
University of Oulu
University of Tampere
University of Turku
Aalto University
Aalto University School of Business
Åbo Akademi University
Estonian Business School (EBS)
Hanken School of Economics
Lappeenranta University of Technology
Tampere University of Technology
University of Eastern Finland

Most of the universities in Finland provide university dorms which have affordable rent with all facilities to make daily life easier for students. Students loaded with money can choose to stay in private accommodation according to their lifestyle.

Post Study Visa
Under the country’s post-study policy, International students from outside the European Union who have studied and successfully completed a degree in Finland, can apply for an extended residence permit for up to additional 1 year after graduation which allows them to continue to search work following graduation. If you get a job, you can then, of course, apply for a new residence permit based on the current job.

Part-Time Job
Not like other European Union countries, International students are allowed to work in Finland during their studies up to a maximum of 25 hours a week.

In a nutshell
A degree obtained from world-class Finnish higher education institutions will usher the direction of grabbing myriads opportunities across the world because you have earned this privilege after studying in Finland.

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