Fashion/Luxury Brand Management Abroad Courses Consultants in Delhi

Fashion, Luxury goods and Brand Management

Bachelor and Master Degree in Fashion, Luxury goods and Brand Management

Fashion & Luxury Brand Management Abroad Courses Consultants in Delhi. To follow latest Fashion, wear branded stuffs and live luxurious life is an integral part of our complete personality. Luxury is all about experience, aspiration and dream and this can be understood by an example of someone who spends $100 for normal clothes, while the other spends whopping, $10000 for a high end branded clothes on Louis Vuitton
Luxury has infused across diverse segments like cars, watches, electronic gadgets, wines, fragrances, cosmetics, Jewellery, leather accessories etc. The luxury goods and fashion industry is very challenging and growing at a fast rate. There are so many degree programs on luxury, fashion and brand subjects teaching about luxury goods management, brand management, fashion designing, fashion changing trends and retail management which are preparing future aspiring designer.
This degree could be the key to a huge array of exciting career options. This will show a path to newcomers to either start their own business or to work in locations around the world, as well as with international co-workers and companies.
Fesgi will guide and assist you to fulfill your dream to study abroad which will ultimately lead you to become the reliable and successful professional or to start your own venture in fashion industry.

Below different courses might entice you;
• B.A and Master in Fashion Design
• B.A and Master in Fashion Management
• B.A and MSc International Fashion Marketing
• B.A and Master's Degree in Fashion and Collection Design
• B.A and Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design
• B.A and Master in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising
• B.A and MA in Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Studies
• B.A and Fashion Communication and Styling
• B.A and Masters in Fashion Direction: Brand & Product Management
• B.A and MBA Perfume and Cosmetics Management
• B.A and MSc Fashion, Design & Luxury Management
• B.A and M.A. International Brand Communication
• B.A. and M.A. Brand Design - Communication Design
• B.A. and M.A. in Brand Management - Brand Communication

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