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Study Abroad in Austria, Abroad & Overseas Study in Austria, Study Abroad & Overseas Education Consultants in Austria. Austria without a surprise is one of the richest and gorgeous countries in the world. Austria is located in south central Europe with around 8.8 million inhabitants enjoying high standards of living and all freedoms necessary to live a great life. The national language is German but it is known as Austrian German which is slight different from Germany's German language.
Austria is famous for being a neutral state that means it never takes part in wars with other nations. It shares border with Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Liechtenstein countries.
Austria is one of the member states of European Union block with rest of 26 member countries since 1995. It is a part of Schengen zone that means citizens of Austria or holders of Austrian passport can travel freely in the rest of the 26 member countries of European Union. Austria has official currency Euro because of being a part of the Eurozone created by European Union. Austria is also a member of United Nations since 1955 and other big international organizations.
The Austrian economy is well developed, robust and highly globalised. Austria has low systematic political risk, good regional and international relations and offers great business environment for investment.
Austria can precisely be said as one of the greatest wonders on the planet. It is rich with history, cultural heritage, world class art, wonderful mountainous landscape, a myriad of stunning places and a land covered by dramatic mountain scenery.
In stunning Austria the possibilities are endless thanks to its other splendid cities Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt, Villach, Wels, St. Polten and Dornbirn which all have something unique to offer to everybody.
Salzburg is a winsome baroque city gives a great chance to tour and explore the scenic alpine surroundings. St. Gilgen holds all the natural beauty, boats from St. Gilgen sail around the Wolfgangsee, providing amazing views of the surrounding mountains.
The Innsbruck is a university city and a renowned winter sports centre got a chance to host winter Olympics in the years 1964, 1976, 1984, 1988 and 2012.
Vienna is the largest and capital city as well as most beautiful and interesting city of the Austria. It is the cultural, political and economic centre and host to many international organizations such as United Nations and OPEC. It is reckoned as most innovative city and said to be 'the city of dreams' as well.
Vienna's Historic Center, Salzburg's old town and the Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn are included among 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Austria.
In a bigger picture it is easy to accept that Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world every year.

Higher Education
Austria's education system can easily be described as one of the best and world class education systems in the world.
The superb academic quality and the diversity of the study programs in areas such as science, technology, medicine, engineering, arts, MBA and social sciences make Austria an excellent choice to study for foreign students.
There are so many English taught degree programs available to choose across different areas of education and allow students not to be a victim of language barrier if don't speak German language. However, It is always advisable to learn Austrian German language to enjoy the culture, local life and will be a profitable option in professional job or business career.
University of Vienna founded in 1365 and one of the oldest German speaking university and a home to a number of great Nobel Prize winners. The city of Graz is also known as a university city, having 6 universities with around 44000 students.

Tuition fees
International students can enroll in public universities which have surprisingly tuition fees like peanuts. However, those students get admission in private universities or colleges they have to pay reasonable or higher tuition fees depending on the degree program and university in which student gets admission.

International students planning to study in Austria can take advantage from various study grants and scholarships offered by Austrian government, universities and different organisations.

Monthly living expenses
Monthly living expenses are quite affordable and not beyond student's pocket money. Students need to spend wisely according to their life style. They can live in universities dorm which cost low rent monthly. Food is not expensive if cooked in a kitchen which gives you a delicious home country favour and good for body as well. Students get discounted monthly transport card to commute as per different zone. International students have a chance to save money if used money properly

Post study visa
International students who have successfully completed their one year or more than one year degree program in Austria are legally eligible to apply for the additional 6 months residence permit known as Red-White- Red – Card" to seek employment. After gaining employment, students can renew their work and residence permit for the duration as per their job contract with employer in Austria.

Part Time Job
Foreign Students enrolled in Bachelor degree programs get a work permit for part time work for up to 10 hours weekly and on the other hand students enrolled in Master degree programs are allowed to work part time for upto 20 hours weekly. Full time employment is possible during 3 months when holiday starts and no lectures take place.

Top ranked Austrian Universities
University of Vienna 
Vienna University of Technology 
Vienna University of Agricultural Sciences
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna
University of Innsbruck 
Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck
Graz University of Technology
University of Klagenfurt
Leoben University of Mining, Metallurgy, and Materials
Paris Londron University Salzburg
WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Johannes Kepler University Linz
Karl Franzens University Graz
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

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