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Study Accounting/Banking/Finance Abroad Consultants in Delhi, Study Abroad Accounting Programs & Courses in Delhi. Although a bachelor’s degree in accounting can send you well on your way, if you plan on being successful in an accounting and finance career, you may need additional study and certification. A Master in Accounting and Finance can make you competitive in the international market in an increasingly competitive career field.
What is a Master in Accounting and Finance? It is a usually competitive program that focuses on advanced accounting and financial management studies, including international accounting. The course of study can take one to two years to complete, and the requirements for admission and continuation of studies is often quite strict. Since it is a popular and competitive field of study, students who apply must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field and maintain a minimum GPA at most universities.
Earning a master’s degree in accounting and finance offers many advantages to graduate students. It makes students more marketable all over the world. The program usually helps to prepare students for certification exams to earn certificates as a public accountant (CPA) or internal auditor (CIA).

As a flourishing sector, particularly in this region, there are a wealth of career opportunities in the finance and accounting sector. Graduate of the program can pursue professional roles in global corporations, government and international agencies, international trade, and international public institutions. The BBA in Accounting and Finance major is designed to prepare students for careers in:
• Banking
• Investments
• Wealth Management
• Securities Trading & Analysis
• Accounting
• Audit
• Financial Management
• Credit Control.

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